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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: gas price taking another dive nationwide. how the fall of crude oil prices is affecting gas in the greater cincinnati area. mark: broncos quarterback peyton manning losing the super bowl mvp award to one of his linebackers. what von miller had to say about that big win. lisa: an alleged hit-and-run driver due in court again this morning after hitting a child last week. the latest on the charges she faces. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your monday. good morning. i' mark: and i' m mark hayes. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather we' re all a little bleary-eyed from the game. i know kyla stayed up.
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it was very good. it was so good. randi: i thought you would stay up later and tried to learn the dance moves from the halftime show. [laughter] randi: we take a look at the forecast. showers across greater cincinnati. even up here in middletown reporting rain. the radar is picking up a little snow. the temperatures are warm enough on the surface that is all going to be wet until 6:00 this evening. expect wet roads and a mix of rain and snow. expect wet roads for the morning rush. right now some rain, 38.
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afternoon. after 6:00 tonight we switch over to snow. we may see some accumulation tonight. wet roads to contend with this morning. kyla: we are off to a good start. as you get ready to head outside, wet roadways and the could be some sprinkles on our traffic cameras. 71, 75 looking pretty good in richwood. maybe two parts of clermont county, things are looking good there this morning. over on 75, traffic is still good. no d lanes -- no delays. we will continue to keep you updated. mark: we are following a developing story out of blue ash
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police are investigating after a brazen daytime shootout with three people shot. investigators say around 11:30 sunday morning, neighbors heard at least 10 shots popping off on oak avenue near florence avenue. one of the shooting victims ran away on foot and remains missing this morning. another victim jumped in a car with a gunshot wound and drove. then that car crashed with three other cars nearby at deerfield and cornell roads. investigators found a 3-year-old girl in that car with the gunshot victim, but luckily that toddler was not hurt. police found another victim with a gunshot wound at the hospital. a woman accused of hitting an 11-year-old girl in a crosswalk due again in court this morning. mark: she was apparently a wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with more on the charges she faces. good morning. dan: good morning. this is the woman we told you about last friday. investigators say she was driving in west price hill when
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walking in a crosswalk across glenway avenue. she kept going. this happened thursday afternoon. police said 36-year-old ruby estepp hit 11-year-old london we' re told smith is ok after the hit-and-run. cpd told us they found estepp a few minutes later, arrested her, cited her, and released her. she was set to be in court friday, but was a no-show and was arrested and booked again just yesterday. estepp faces charged linked to leaving the scene of the accident and driving on a she' s expected in court this morning. we will also be there. we are live at the hamilton county justice center, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. super bowl sunday was a busy day for law enforcement and pizza shops. the two groups teamed up in warren county to make sure fans got home safe. we stopped by westshore pizza in mason last night. they' re one of 16 restaurants that took part in the super bowl campaign. every pizza box westshore handed out had a sticker reading "if your game plan includes drinking, add a designated
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s a great message on there. make a plan. s somebody in your group when you' re out having a good time that' s not having the same good time with you, so they' re capable of mark: warren county safe communities coalition created the stickers. police say a third of deadly crashes involve an impaired driver, and if your judgment is even slightly impaired, you' re less likely to survive a crash. lisa: as for the super bowl, s first championship since 1998. it was a dominate performance from the broncos. miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a look back at the big game. miriah: this was all about the denver defense. the broncos had a tough task stopping cam newton and the panthers' high-powered offense. but on sunday, carolina looked helpless. the broncos forced four turnovers, including this strip that led to a touchdown. von miller was the guy who made it happen, and he was huge for the broncos. miller was the super bowl mvp,
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panthers 24-10. von: i' m going for the ball every single time. that' s just the type of football player i am. if it was basketball, i would definitely be a three-point shooter. you know, i' m definitely going for the ball. but that' s what coach phillips been preaching all year. we need turnovers. we need turnovers to win the game, and we were able to get that today. miriah: the defense stole the show from future hall of famer peyton manning, who may have played his last game. manning was asked about his plans, and he said he is going to take some time to reflect before making a decision. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: thank you. happening today, cincinnati' s mayor along with new police chief eliot isaac will continue their crime meetings that began last month. today' s meeting will be the fourth in a series of community meetings to discuss the uptick in shootings and gather input from citizens about how to deal with the issue. the meeting is scheduled from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight at the bond hill community center. the final meeting is set for the end of the month at college hill
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mark: the township is reporting the impact. the cdc put ohio in the top five states in drug overdose deaths in 2014. it linked nearly 1200 of them to heroin. colerain' s public safety director dan meloy says the township was on pace to record more than 200 overdoses last year. but after the qrt started in july, it finished the year with 167. meloy also said the township saw fewer burglaries and robberies tied to feeding addictions. gas prices dropping almost a dime in some areas across the nation. lisa: prices are down eight cents over the past two weeks, now averaging $1.82 a gallon nationwide for regular, and down 37 cents from where they were this time last year. some of the prices we saw here overnight in the greater cincinnati area were $1.38 at the speedway on williams off i-71. the shell at liberty at walnut had gas at $1.59 a gallon.
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continue to fall if crude oil costs keep dropping. los angeles clocks the highest average, at $2.62 per gallon. and tulsa, oklahoma the lowest, $1.44. mark: let' s check in with kyle. kyla: it sounds like they are doing better right now because we are dealing with wet roadways. from this portion of northern kentucky, northbound onto 471, things are still looking good. 59 miles per hour. the wet roadways probably playing a factor. we are seeing mostly clear traffic at the daniel carter beard bridge. into downtown from columbia
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third street is completely clear. this morning things could change later tonight and into tomorrow. it did get a little dicey. randi: snow today through wednesday. less than two inches total. we take a look at the radar. we' re looking at mostly rain across the area, from wilmington, highland county. 75 is the dividing line in southeastern indiana. it is still 40 in sharonville. 38 degrees closer to downtown. this morning rain showers and a little bit of snow mixing in. lunchtime, rain showers mixing with snow. by the drive home, we have switched over to all snow
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stick later into the evening. guys? mark: thank you. aside from watching the super bowl, people also did a lot of watching at the movie theaters this weekend. so could "kung fu panda 3" top the charts once again in this weekend' s box office? mark: some call it single' s awareness day, but there are plenty of people looking forward to valentine' s day this week. how much people are expected to spend on their sweeties this year. lisa: outside live on your monday. 5:10, 38 degrees. stay with us. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me mark: good morning and welcome back. hope you' re getting the fog out. 38 degrees right now. we are checking today' s headlines, new orleans police say shots were fired along a mardi gras parade route, but no one was
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officials say the gunfire rang out just after 9:00 last night along the bacchus parade route. now, police believe a suspect or suspects may have escaped into the crowd and a search is underway. officers did find a handgun in the area. lisa: new england bracing for a big snowstorm. this is footage from snow that the same area got just this past friday. a blizzard warning is in effect for southeast massachusetts, including cape cod and the islands. up to 18 inches of snow could fall today. other parts of the state, plus rhode island and eastern connecticut, could get four to eight inches. schools in boston and providence, rhode island, are closed today. mark: now that the big event last night has passed, many are now looking forward to next sunday. lisa: that' s because it' s valentine' s day. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner joins us now with how much people are expected to spend and on what. miriah: sweethearts worldwide will have their special day this sunday. celebrated simply most places
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expected to easily spend in excess of $20 billion on that special someone this valentine' s day. dinner out is what a third of those surveyed by said they' ll be doing come sunday. over half said they' ll buy candy. the heart-shaped box is the most popular and a classic choice for most. meanwhile, giving flowers is the preferred gift by one in four, making it the busiest day of the year for the fresh flower businesses. even pets are expected to feel the love. the fatwallet survey found one in five will buy a valentine very nice. overall, per individual, the average american is expected to spend $150 on valentine' s day this year. mark: pet rock. [laughter] lisa: do not dare buy anything for your pet.
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mark: we have boy dogs. they do not want flowers. kyla: my little lady, maybe. lisa: what about bliss? mark: my dogs are not getting flowers. randi: my dog is in charge of fertilizing the flowers. lisa: we' ll check the weather coming up. the animated family adventure "kung fu panda 3" once again topped the box office this weekend. the sequel with jack black, and j.k. simmons' voices raked in $21 million. the old hollywood comedy "hail, caesar" starring george clooney came in second with $11.4 million in ticket sales. "the revenant," riding a wave of 12 oscar nominations, picked up $7.1 million this weekend. >> cincinnati' s certified most
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randi: it was nice and warm yesterday but winter is back. today a mixture of rain and snow at times. the roads will stay wet and not expecting any problems today. it will switch over to all snow and we may see the snow stick a little bit after 6:00 or 8:00 tonight. we' re talking about rain and snow today and it is no big deal. less than two inches combine through lunchtime on wednesday. right now is all falling as rain. into southeastern indiana, more in the way of snowfall in
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however, the ground is warm enough. it is only going to be wet roadways for the morning commute. back up towards indy and milwaukee, there are going to be rounds of f snow. most of the area is under a winter weather advisory. we are going to get snow and at times visibility could be lowered. 6:00 tonight, we could see a couple of slick spots. we have been near 40 degrees most of the night. we are now into the upper 30' s. by 5:00, most places are close to 40. after 8:00 tonight, temperatures fall off to around or below
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stick after 8:00 tonight. radar. we' re up towards 40 degrees. tonight we switch over and it is stick. occasional bursts of snow overnight. and eventually an inch, inch and a half total by wednesday. expect a high of 41 today. off and on snow through the day tomorrow. toward the end of the week -- we' re fat pockets of cold -- we have had pockets of cold air.
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it is february. it happens. kyla: isn' t it lovely? i look forward to the little heart. good morning. we are in the post super bowl area together. here is a look at your roadways. 471, things look good on both sides of the interstate. 275 near the 75 interchange, 65 miles per hour. all of our roads are still wet and not causing any issues or slow spots. 16 minutes out of butler county. 74 traffic looks good in both directions as well. mark and lisa? lisa: thank you. a mother-son duo team up to get kids excited about reading. mark: how a local mom got
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lisa: outside live on your monday. 38 degrees.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 38 degrees on your monday.
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american heart association month to bring awareness to heart disease in women. when a local mother heard her son say he hated reading and writing, it truly hurt her heart. mark: one day while brainstorming ways to get him engaged, dwylett montgomery grabbed a roll of paper towels and a sharpie. kyla: that is how it all started and from there the stories just , started flowing out of her. dwylett says her son kellen immediately became interested, and the rest, as they say, is history. kellen and dwylett are now joining forces to open the door for conversations among young students such as loneliness, acceptance, and jealousy in their new series of books. the first release, "not invited," is impacting lives in the classroom and beyond. >> the other thing that i like to try to do is use this book as a tool for parents to have meaningful conversations with their kids. maybe topics that might be considered a little bit sensitive. kyla: the next book is titled "a
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you can find out more about dwylett and kellen on their facebook page, kids reality books. lisa: thank you. great american ball park welcomed football fans last night to help mental health research. the champions club hosted the seventh annual touchdown for hope. the event supports bipolar and mood disorder research at the lindner center of hope. the center says the party helps their research and gives them a platform to talk about mental health. >> it' s a great way to put together the needs of the research at the lindner center with a great time where people can have a fun time and enjoy the game. >> unseasonably warm, 50 degrees outside for february, so we can actually go outside and watch the super bowl on the big screens at great american ball park. lisa: the lindner center says about 350 people turned out for the event, helping raise more than $300,000 for research. mark: let' s check in with randi. randi: good morning. you can see marty grau colors on
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most of it is hitting the ground as rain, 75 to the east. mostly rain and snow mixing in. temperatures stay above freezing all day long. after about 6:00, 8:00 tonight, we switch over to all snow showers and we will start to see its deck. plan on showers -- you will see to start it stick. thank you for this photo from the training run. taking a look at the seven-day forecast. today is the warmest day of the next week. off and on snow showers until wednesday. mark: thank you. reacting to north korea' s weekend missile launch. lisa: how president obama is vowing that the communist
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their actions. andrew: several people shot in
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the mark: super bowl 50 is now in the history books, and the denver broncos are the winners. a recap of how they dominated in last night' s game. lisa: chipotle looking to make a turn around after causing health risks in multiple states recently. why you' ll have to find somewhere else to go to lunch today. mark: shots fired with multiple victims and several crime scenes. the investigation underway into
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neighborhood. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods are here with the weather and traffic. hope it was a great weekend. kyla: it was great. mark: short. lisa: need today, apparently. mark: just flying by. we' re to go to that european thing, the four-day work week. lisa: would you rather have friday or monday off? mark: monday. always. randi: we hit monday, and that nice weather for the super bowl parties -- gone. rain and snow. as we look at the radar right now, the radar is showing all different colors but for most of us when you had outside, look out the door or run out to the
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showers. areas along and east of 75, generally falling as rain, even pick up on snow. it is rain next with snow at the roads are wet. they are plain old wet. southeastern indiana, maybe cooler and maybe more snowfall rather than rain right along for hundred 21. evening hours, we will see the or all snow showers versus the rain/snow mix. the national weather service has placed our area under winter weather advisory that goes into effect at 6:00 tonight through 6:00 on wednesday morning. it is after 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. that it gets cold enough the snow may start used net -- start used to a bit. kyla: still a smooth solder -- start. northbound and southbound
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speeds still look decent. you may find them a little below the posted speed, but really, not a bad start for us. 75 out of butler counter near 129, traffic moving along well. that is what we' re seeing elsewhere. across the river, 71-75, looking good. right now they are pretty evenly balanced. we will keep an eye on it. no accidents to report. no major delays, so a good start for you. lisa: thank you. neighbors on edge in blue ash after shots ring out during the day. the shooting then led to a four-car crash, injuring several people. mark: this morning, the investigation is underway as to what led up to the chaos. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the story. andrew, good morning. andrew: we are here at the blue ash police station and they have a lot of work ahead of them as they investigate the shooting. this is a complicated case with about 10 shots fired, multiple
5:31 am
suspect still on the run. we will walk you through what we know at this point about what happened yesterday. three people shot in a shootout on oak street in blue ash, one the person still not accounted for. crashed a short time later at deerfield and cornell. a three-year-old in that car was taken to the hospital to be checked out. police found another car that had been hit by gunfire. police think a third victim was in that car. hospital. some of the shots missed mark in hit a nearby home on home at the time. i' m happy that i' m alive. i' >> i can' t understand the kind of stupidity of people, squeezing off shots down here in i'
5:32 am
has thrown us for a loop. andrew: police believe three people were shot, one of them still unaccounted for, as they continue this investigation. another person fled the scene where one of those cars was ditched. a couple of people were questioned at the scene. no arrests have been made. police continue their investigation. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: denver is celebrating this morning after the broncos' impressive performance in super bowl 50. miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a recap of the action from super bowl sunday. miriah: this one featured two superstar quarterbacks, peyton manning for the broncos and cam newton for the panthers, but when it was over, denver' s defense grabbed all the headlines. the broncos were all over the place, and the panthers could not get in a rhythm. von miller was one of the stars for denver. he managed to slow down cam
5:33 am
miller was named super bowl mvp, and denver came out on top, 24-10. after the game, it was clear how frustrating it was to face the broncos defense. >> i mean, we had our it wasn' t nothing special that they did. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over, gave up that' s it. they scored more points than us. miriah: you can see he was visibly upset. he was the league mvp this year, but on sunday, he had his worst game of the season. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: thank you. the u.n. security council calls an emergency meeting after north korea' s launch of a long-range rocket. secretary of state john kerry met with south korea and japan to discuss the north' s ballistic missile technology. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
5:34 am
create nuclear missiles. the council agreed the launch used illegal nuclear technology. >> they are not merely provocations. with each one of these actions, the dprk moves one step closer to its declared goal of developing nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, and we cannot and will not allow this to happen. the u.s. ambassador says president obama spoke with china' s president to come up with a strong and united response. arco new developments in the earthquake in taiwan. the death toll has risen after saturday' s earthquake in taiwan. 37 people are said to be dead now. at least two dozen of them were pulled from a 16-story apartment building that collapsed. dozens more may still be trapped there. officials say it' s just one of several buildings destroyed by the quake. lisa: an ohio police officer is in stable condition this morning after a suspect shot him twice
5:35 am
kenton, ohio, in hardin county. police say 47-year-old stephen with a rifle. he fired at officer skyler newfer, then led police on a chase. officers caught up to davis' wrecked vehicle later and discovered the man was dead. the sheriff says he does not know how many shots were fired, but it appears davis died before he crashed. >> at this point, i do not know if he was struck by my officer, kenton officers, himself, but it does appear that he was shot. lisa: officer newfer was wearing a bullet-proof vest when he was shot. bullets hit him twice in the back. mark: a kitchen fire caused about $10,000 worth of damage in madisonville this morning. 2:00 this morning. get out. fire crews say the word no working smoke detectors.
5:36 am
discovery of a meth lab and two arrests. a deputy noticed in the quebec violation on the vehicle last night. when the vehicle pulled over, the deputy noticed someone throw a plastic bottle out. it turns out it had meth making materials inside. as a result, two men are in jail facing drug charges. lisa: a cleveland social service organization as well as law enforcement agencies are looking to team up and organize a campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking for the upcoming republican national convention. an estimated 50,000 people are expected to flock to the cleveland area for the convention, which is why officials say an uptick in human trafficking is always expected during large gatherings. agencies are now working on training, social media campaigns, as well as billboards. the convention kicks off july 18. mark: happening today, if chipotle is your go-to lunch spot you' re going to have to , find something else to eat today.
5:37 am
every one of its locations for four hours today for a food-safety meeting. the move comes after an e. coli outbreak at the mexican restaurant last year. about 500 people got sick, including several basketball players at boston college. at today' s meeting, employees will go over an updated food safety program implemented by the chain in january. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from around 11:00 this morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. lisa: also happening today, the city of covington will be hosting a community development the northern kentucky city is inviting the public to attend . city officials want the public' s input on current community development. the public hearing is part of covington' s annual action plan process. it begins at 6:00 tonight at city hall. mark: let' s check in on the weather. randi: temperatures this morning start out and in the upper 30' s. thanks to yesterday'
5:38 am
the ground is warmer than that. we' re looking at whatever is falling from the sky, it is hitting the ground and turning into just plain old wet roadways. you can see our is east of the five predominantly rain, even though the radar is trying to paint snow from batavia to georgetown. in through southeastern indiana, may be a different story with light snow. again, melting when it hits the surface. no troubles but suspected. on the way to school, cold rain showers for most of us mixing with a little snow at times. that will be the case through the day, a light rain/snow mix. temperatures midafternoon, up to about 41 degrees. we are way above freezing until after sunset tonight when the situation changes. we could see icy spots or slick spots overnight. we will look closer in a couple of minutes. lisa: thank you. super bowl and politics collide. mark: politicians use the big game down push their campaigns ahead of the new hampshire primary. lisa: social media site joining
5:39 am
how many accounts twitter says it has already' s is pitted over the last year. mark: a live look outside, five: 40, 30 eight degrees. we will update your forecast it just a moment.
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randi: good morning. welcome back on your monday for
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lady liquid growing -- blowing green. the matter what is falling from the sky, rain and snow, we will see a mix of the day, the ground stays plain old wet until after sunset tonight. right now, it is generally rain even of the radar may show snow. 74, light snow showers mixing with rain. you' re probably looking at snow falling from the sky in this area, but the good news, it melts when hits the ground. still several degrees above freezing. yesterday we were in the 50' s, so it will all just be wet on the roadways. 41 this afternoon. rain and snow mixing at times through the day. after about 6:00 to 8:00 tonight we transition over to all snow showers and we also get cold enough to maybe see snow showers sticking to the ground, maybe even some icy patches after sunset tonight. we will take a close look at the snow that will move in and not move out until noon on lisa: thank you.
5:43 am
is just one day away now. mark: but even some of the candidates couldn' t help but catch some football fever last night. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us more. miriah: good morning. last night the political pitches were overshadowed by super bowl candidates used the big game to make a play for votes. republican candidates carly fiorina and senator marco rubio threw their own super bowl parties last night. with donald trump dominating the top spot in the polls in new hampshire, the real battle is for second place. four candidates -- ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush -- are virtually tied in the latest monmouth university poll. the poll shows barely half of likely republican voters have made up their minds, even after saturday' s republican debate. so now they will have today and a bit of tomorrow to rally for a sizable amount of last-minute votes in new hampshire' s primaries. on the other side of the aisle, democratic candidate senator bernie sanders is attracting big crowds and holding onto his
5:44 am
a big campaign event with husband, bill, and daughter, chelsea, and sanders will also have multiple events, including a concert tonight. mark? mark: thank you. wlwt is leading the way on your new hampshire coverage, especially following the campaign of ohio governor john kasich. our very own mike dardis will cover the governor' s bid for the white house. he' ll be live in new hampshire today and tomorrow on wlwt news 5. despite most candidates putting their sole focus on the state of new hampshire right now, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton took a break from campaigning. instead, she visited with people in flint, michigan. clinton says flint mayor karen weaver invited her to the house of prayer missionary baptist church while she spoke about the water crisis the city is currently dealing with. >> so as a senator i fought for children struggling to bear heavy burdens. and i will fight for you in flint no matter how long it
5:45 am
mark: hillary clinton also called on congress to approve $200 million in emergency aid for flint. lisa: twitter says it' s ramping up its efforts to fight terrorism worldwide. the social media company says over the last seven months, it has suspended 125,000 accounts. twitter says posts from the accounts either threatened or promoted terrorist acts. it says most of the accounts were either associated with isis or supported the terrorist organization. the social media company also said it will continue working to stop that kind of activity and has added staff to monitor terrorist activity. mark: let' s see how things are moving in the early part of the commute. kyla: still moving right along. travel times are looking pretty good and reflecting the the road conditions we have out there. wet roadways right now because the ground still warm, so that is working in our favor this morning.
5:46 am
on 75 southbound toward the norwood lateral. 71-75, down to 18 minutes. things are looking good and moving along really well. 13 minutes on 275 on the northeast corner, but getting heavy on the northbound lanes pushing their loveland madeira and toward 71, getting heavy but this is the time of morning when we start to see that. nothing out of the ordinary, but we will see things get tricky later on today and overnight. let' s check in with ready rico in your most accurate forecast. randi: it felt like spring yesterday. kids went to the park and then super bowl sunday, you wake up this morning and there will be people who are dressed like it is springtime today. kyla: not today. randi: winter is back. rain showers and snow showers with us throughout the day. at times, more rain mixing in, at times more snow. as we said through the morning calm the ground is warm enough it stays plain old wet.
5:47 am
snow sticking to services and roads getting slick as the temperatures fall. we will make it up to around 40 today, the warmest day of the next seven. wintertime temperatures are returning as well. along into the east of 75 corridor, really east of the 275 loops , dealing with predominantly rain. the radar picking up it is falling as snow, but melting to rain when it hits the ground. different story in southeastern indiana. along the ohio river, we have a mixed bag of rain and snow. he further into indiana, it -- the further into indiana, it switches over to light snow. that is what we are looking at. i will zoom out and you can see the snow showers basically rolling along 74. we will see a burst of snow and rain this morning. the ground warm enough it is just plain old wet , but the snow may reduce visibility at times. the walkie, more snow.
5:48 am
through over the next couple of days. the national weather service has placed much of our area andre winter weather advisory. it goes into effect tonight at 6:00. that continues until 6:00 in the morning on wednesday. 38 right now. around 40 or so at lunchtime. mixed rain and snow showers, then changing over to all snow showers this evening. slick spots possible. this morning, it will change over to snow but melt when it hits the ground. hitting in the middle of the afternoon, off and on rain showers. all snow into the evening. a burst of snow on and off through the day tomorrow until about lunchtime wednesday. you' re looking at snow in the forecast all the way through lunchtime wednesday, but a three-day accumulative snowfall total that will be less than two inches. it is not a lot, but it may cause a tricky commute at times. mark: thank you. beyonce and the big announcement
5:49 am
lisa: how this commercial is currently breaking the internet. mark: we found marco rubio ' s biggest pain and she had quite an extreme reaction to meeting him. what she had to say about his
5:50 am
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later on, randi has you covered in your most accurate forecast. first, there' s no crying in politics. that is, unless you are a first-time voter and get a hug from your favorite candidate. lisa: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us about a super fan in new hampshire and her first time meeting republican presidential candidate marco rubio. kyla: we can all remember our first time being a voter, so it can you imagine meeting our favorite politician? well senator marco rubio held a , rally in hudson, new meeting with fans and supporters. he shook hands and took pictures and literally brought some of them to tears. 18-year-old courtney kaufman from westchester, new york, was at the rally campaigning for rubio with her classmates. so when the florida senator came over to the group and gave kaufman a hug, you can hear her scream and break down into tears of joy. >> i support, like, 97% of his policies, and i don' t care about the other 3%. it'
5:52 am
direction three years ago. kyla: kaufman was one of 115 students from her high school campaigning for the florida senator in new hampsphire. probably safe to say come , november, we all know who she' ll be voting for. lisa: i think that is a definite. thank you. 5:54, checking stores training this morning. mark: beyonce picked a perfect time to announce her new tour. this ad premiered during the commercial break right after beyonce performed during the half-time show. millions across the country watched the super bowl last night, so odds are in her favor that the ad was seen. the 40-date formation tour will kickoff april 27 and will be her first headlining stadium tour this summer. tickets will go on sale next week. lisa: if you are wondering about all of the new super bowl ads, which when people like the best we' ve got the answer. , most people voted on this hyundai commercial with comedian kevin hart. he offers his daughter' s date his new hyundai genesis only so he can track them using the car'
5:53 am
the automobile company also aired another super bowl commercial that one featuring , ryan reynolds. mark: that was a good one. i enjoyed the commercials last night. 5:50 five. coming up at 6:00, the search for answers and blue ash. lisa: what police are saying about a shootout, the search for suspects and a victim. mark: the big moments from the super bowl including the intense halftime show. more of the best commercials. randi: we are back to winter weather. the next few days, you will see snow. today will mix in with rain at times. in the 40' s this afternoon, so the roads are plain old wet. tonight, snow showers start to stick, maybe some slick spots. tomorrow, off and on snow. the total by the time this is done on wednesday, less than two inches. not a lot, but it may cause some
5:54 am
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lisa: bullets fly in blue ash, what investigators are saying about a shootout in the middle of a neighborhood. mark: the broncos are back on top of the football world. how denver got it done in dominant fashion. lisa: back in colorado, the celebration was something to see. how police handled the crowd after the super bowl victory. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt
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lisa: gas prices are dropping
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